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just cause we’re darn cute

…the four of us in our christmas pj-s! go easy…it was taken sitting on a stool with the timer, lol ;o) i will say the countdown beeps kept ms. maysie’s attention quite well though! i had 2 new photo-taking toys arrive today…did a little playing. anytime i receive good service from a vendor, i like […]

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prints of these just arrived

…and i am beyond delighted to see them in real life! i compress all the images i place here on the web (so they’ll load quickly); because of that, i’m sorry to say…you’re missing some of the most captivating catchlights i personally have ever caught on film. (note you can click on any of the […]

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a is for attention amy…

b is for boy, boots, and blanket. c is for charming little character…just look… and that is where my wit ends, but here is a couple more i happen to love and the wrap up shot (what i would give to have this candid of ben, back when he wanted his momma to pick him […]

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t h e   f a c e b o o k   p a g e
i n f o r m a t i o n