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kissy kiss

mwwwa! if you knew him, you might just steal a kiss too ;o) working on k’s senior prom ‘album’ …i’ll link it asap …moms/dads & prom goers…please comment or shoot me an email with your email addy so i can make sure i know who wants a disk. much thanks!

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stripes are so dang fun!

and so is shooting kaitlyn for that matter! she came over today & tried on her graduation gown (gasp!) …hard to grasp. anyway…here’s some from a few weeks ago. and, i got a little wild on this one…not sure it i like it for a kaitlyn shot…maybe if she were more of a punk-rocky kinda […]

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miss ‘i’m not gonna sleep -even though i’m only 9 days old & that’s normally all i ever do- ’cause i may just miss something cool going on’ aka: miss maggie :o) this first one i love…so shows off her cuteness factor! ooh joey…sweetness!  yep…i’m awake…looking right at ‘cha! and because i’m a bit warped […]

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it’s prom season

and that means some snapshots of tuxes and stretched hummers :o) my cousin cody-from brookhaven & his buddies piled in for good fun with colorful decked out girlies! aunt debbie called a while back & asked me to come take some pics :o) i didn’t know anyone (other than cody, of course). there were parents […]

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obsessed? me?

so…last night while eating supper together, i was telling chuck about my inbox and potential upcoming clients. as we chatted (or as i rambled on, i should say), my ben interupts with, ‘momma, how come you’re just so obsessed with taking all these pictures!?’ i’m not obsessed, ben. but i do really enjoy taking pictures-just […]

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i n f o r m a t i o n