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now that happy momma’s day

…has come & gone, i can share the rest of these fun ben-in-the-tub shots. (nana got some of these framed sunday; so i held off on posting) keep in mind…the lighting in his bathroom sucks. he sees me with my camera & this is the fabulous look i get. then i towel dry that mop […]

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thanks for stopping in!

seriously…you’re here…visiting my little photo blog & i’m happy you are :o) i’m a little perplexed. in a good-sorta-way perplexed. i’m not gonna get on my ‘leave a comment’ soap box. that would be terribly hypocritical…i don’t spend as much time as i’d like checking my favorite blogs & when i’m tight on time, i […]

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so…here ya go

seems as though a few fabulous seniors may be a little impatient. so here you go, k & b (<–hey…that used to be a pharmacy!) but real quick before i upload pics…i’ve just gotta say…i am so, so impressed by this group of teens…i’ve had a chance to really get to know a lot of […]

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t h e   f a c e b o o k   p a g e
i n f o r m a t i o n