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please say a prayer

…for baby magee. at a routine doctor's appointment tuesday morning, dr. richardson heard an irregular heartbeat on the dopler thingy. i was sent to smrmc to be monotored while he delivered a c-section baby that he was called out for during my appt. long story short…baby magee & i were placed in the very capable hands of […]

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it was worth having a december wedding…

…just for the red sash she wore. gorgeous…that sister of mine :o)   you know…it's the little people who really steal my heart (and lens) though.     and perhaps my favorite little snap of the evening:   darn typepad! frustration! granted…this was in yucky indoor church light, but i warmed them to a cozy glow […]

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it snowed

…it really snowed :o) and my two had an absolute blast! and i had an absolute blast watching them have a blast! and i took more pictures of h & b than i can remember taking of them in forever…& it was pure fun.         these are just the tip of the […]

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this year…

…my family & friends will be getting a real, ontime, intime christmas card! (as opposed to the happy new year card i've been forced to send out the past few years…can you say procrastinate?!) now, that is saying something-especially considering the orders i've done, not to mention the fact that i'm back at mom's with […]

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i’ve been a busy little elf

…yes i have! lots of gorgeous cards have been preped and delivered to my fabulous clients…i so wish i could show them all off! very exciting orders have passed through my hands this busy christmas season. the new press printed cards have been a major hit…gorgeous! i'll be ordering my own press printed christmas cards […]

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