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today’s pailyn fix

  from the nicu, wednesday. still posting from the hospital on the laptop, so it's sooc, but sweetness all the same.

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still here :'(

after a morning of pure gittyness about getting to go home with baby girl, her bilirubin level came back too high & it was determined that she'd need to spend the rest of the evening & night under the blue light. it's for the best; jaundice can be very dangerous & damaging & she had already […]

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some pictures to prove my aforementioned title ;o)

  i'm posting from pailyn's nana's laptop without resizing, so they're less than stellar, but her cuteness factor more than makes up for it.   that's her in the nicu. she was a trooper! and below is her name sign that nurse rebecca made…we love her.   my spunky, strong willed fighter held her own […]

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i’m the proud momma of the prettiest little girl…ever ;o)

pailyn elise magee arrived at 11:03pm last night weighing 6lbs. and measuring 20 1/4 inches long. beautiful. perfect little round face. head full of black hair. amazing lips. double chin. beautiful. yesterday: we did the amnio yesterday morning & got the results that her lungs were mature; i was admitted & when they checked me […]

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what’s that you say? (mississippi baby photographer)

  tomorrow's the big day!?! teehee…i couldn't resist ;o) this is when baby a first met me…one of the first pics i snapped. i admit i can act a bit goofy for the little ones, and after seeing this candid reaction i don't mind it one bit! so…tomorrow morning we're headed in to start the road to meeting […]

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