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a true voice

i was honored when my friend brandon asked me to take some shots to update his concert banners etc. so much so that i took him on just after having made the business decision to focus my photography exclusively on newborn & child portraiture.   brandon & i go to church together & he has recorded numerous gospel […]

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photos don’t lie

…and these say she so isn’t a little girl anymore :'( nope…so not little. i don’t need to tell you all that she’s beautiful, but know what? …she’s beautiful. ;o) …downfall of the not-so-little-anymore-13yo?? she’s been on the grumpy umpy meets drama queen side of things since the beginning of last summer, teehee. …and so […]

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so…here ya go

seems as though a few fabulous seniors may be a little impatient. so here you go, k & b (<–hey…that used to be a pharmacy!) but real quick before i upload pics…i’ve just gotta say…i am so, so impressed by this group of teens…i’ve had a chance to really get to know a lot of […]

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kissy kiss

mwwwa! if you knew him, you might just steal a kiss too ;o) working on k’s senior prom ‘album’ …i’ll link it asap …moms/dads & prom goers…please comment or shoot me an email with your email addy so i can make sure i know who wants a disk. much thanks!

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stripes are so dang fun!

and so is shooting kaitlyn for that matter! she came over today & tried on her graduation gown (gasp!) …hard to grasp. anyway…here’s some from a few weeks ago. and, i got a little wild on this one…not sure it i like it for a kaitlyn shot…maybe if she were more of a punk-rocky kinda […]

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